Different Machines For LMS and Squeezelite

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If you're using Squeezelite with LMS, you can configure SnakeoilOS as a 2+ PC setup:

  • Machine A runs only the Logitech Media Server
  • Machine B runs only the Squeezelite client. Music is served from Machine A
  • Add Machine C, D, etc that runs only the Squeezelite client to make a true multi-room setup


The are at least two advantages of using this setup:

  • Ability to create multiple "zones" (one Squeezelite client being one zone)
  • Splitting LMS and Squeezelite into two machines may yield a sound quality improvement

Does It Makes A Difference

How To Configure

For this configuration please ensure you have activated ALL your SnakeoilOS machines. Enter your activation code for all your machines - you do not need unique activation codes for different machines.

The following picture is the player setting you should set for your Server machine. This is the machine where you run Logitech Media Server. This is also the machine where all your music files are store. This machine will stream music to all your clients.

Musicplayers - multi pc setup

The following is the player setting for your client machine(s).

Musicplayers - multi pc client

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