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This is a quick start guide summarising the steps to download, install and configure SnakeoilOS. Gear Isolation is now simpler than ever.

Before We Begin

Here are some things you need know:

  • LiveCD installer support is dropped. You will
  • You need to have a working Ubuntu (or Raspbian) installed on your computer first.

Installation Steps

  • If you want the old Download the latest ISO, get them here:
Image File Download This If
snakeoil-i686-1.1.0.iso Intel or AMD CPUs (32 bit mode)
snakeoil-x86_64-1.1.0.iso Intel or AMD CPUs (64 bit mode)
nakeoil-armv7l-1.1.0.zip Raspberry Pi 2B/2B+/3B/3B+

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