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Snakeoil OS is currently based on Ubuntu Server (16.04 LTS) with custom built audiophile quality software added on top.

This is a true audiophile grade OS designed to run on headless machines (i.e. no connected monitor and keyboard). The OS is designed such that the machine can be remotely assessed from any networked computer, wireless tablet or mobile phone.


The main highlights are:

  • Built with Angular (Google), cpprestsdk (Microsoft), and Ubuntu (Canonical). Giving you the best combination of low latency, high stability, robust security and ultimate freedom to do whatever you want.
  • Remote configuration via the point and click WebApp (no need to learn complicated shell commands, or login passwords)
  • Support multiple software players, easily select-able and configurable (Squeezelite, MPD, XMMS, and more)
  • Headless operation (Access most configuration options from the web browser)
  • Real Time kernel (If it's good enough to control a industrial welding laser, it's good enough for audio!)
  • Remote software upgrade via web interface
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multiple Snakeoil OS machines can be hooked up for room distribution (Requires activation)
  • A lot of free music players for you to try. If what you want is not in the list, send me a feedback and I will try and add it.

Two Different Flavours

Snakeoil OS comes in two editions

  • Activated Edition: This edition gives an extra tweaking menu, plus you get to use more than one DAC and more than one mount point
  • Free Edition - Otherwise known as the standard edition. This gives you one DAC and one mount point. The GUI is restricted to one DAC, one mount point and there are is tweaking menu.

To some people the free edition appears to be CrippleWare. However, remember the Snakeoil OS is not locked down and you have supervisor rights to do anything you want. You can do everything in the free edition, just not via the WebApp.

Features unlocked in the acivated edition are beta features. Once deemed stable, these beta features will slowly move over to the free edition.

Please refer to the forums and this manual for tips and tricks.

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