Generating A Diagnostics File

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Things do not always goes to plan. Snakeoil OS Is using a very customised Linux Kernel and while this is the reason for the excellent sound quality, the kernel (and underlying Operating System itself) may not behave well in your computer system.

When this happens you can use the built in system to generate a diagnostics file, to be sent to the Snakeoil Squad for troubleshooting purposes.

This diagnostics file will include things like:

  • System log
  • Snakeoil log
  • USB device information
  • Network configuration
  • Running processes
  • Disk information
  • Audio device information
  • and more

While not entirely exhaustive, the file should provide the necessary information for us to understand the state of your computer.

Generating The Diagnostic File

  1. From the Snakeoil menu, click on othe System menuitem to gGo to the System page
  2. Look for the Commands panel and locate the button that reads Diagnostics
    System - commands
  3. Click the Diagnostiics button
  4. You'll be directed to the generating diagnostics file page.
  5. Wait a few seconds for the big download text to appear.
    System - diagnostics
  6. Click on the big green text to download the diagnostics file
  7. Note the e-mail address above. Only send the diagnostics file to this e-mail address
  8. Remember where you save this diagnostics file
  9. Click the OK button to return to the Systems page.
  10. Send the downloaded diagnostic file to the email shown above.

Your Information is Encrypted

Please only send this file to the Snakeoil Squad upon request. The Snakeoil Squad email domain is Do not send this file to anybody else.

Even though the diagnostics file contains only basic configuration setup and system information regarding your computer, it is still a good idea to only send this file to the Snakeoil Squad and nobody else.

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