Snakeoil virtualized (PROXMOX), USB+PCI AUDIO passthrough, USB-DAC!
Hi colleagues.
I just wanted to share that after playing with snakeoil releases, proxmox and pc bios I have finally managed to install snakeoil and configure my home audio with it.
The most difficult part was proxmox virtualization and passthrough (required intel_iommu=on and separating IOMMU groups, but after this was done I have managed to set everything up to my liking.
I have 2 streams coming from my snakeoil audioserver (mobo usb analog and digital) going to multihome audio streamer.
I have also connected CA CXA61 stereo to virtualized snakeoil through passthroughed USB. In order to achieve sound quality I had to passthrough WHOLE USB CONTROLLER and set usb class 2 on amp - now the audio is perfect quality - no distortion at all. also my cpu used to go to 90% when USB-DAC had issues on passthrough - now it only spikes additional 10% use when DAC is connected (15% CPU) and goes to 5% use when DAC is off.
My platform is one cpu core from i7 7820 and 2 gb ram. 
Running SN 1.3 Measurements on ubuntu 22.04.
Upgrading to ubuntu 23 breaks Squeezelite.
It plays nicely with low cpu and around 500-1gb ram.
It is still work in progress to properly connect it to HA but I just wanted to give heads up to eevrybody trying to do it in virtual environment - definitelly possible!

[Image: snakeoil.jpg]

[Image: proxmox.jpg]

www fotka pl zaloguj
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(18-Jun-2024, 12:16 PM)lzyla Wrote: Running SN 1.3 Measurements on ubuntu 22.04.
Upgrading to ubuntu 23 breaks Squeezelite.
Well done with getting SO running on the virtual environment! 

Suggest you update LMS.  Download from here
Sudo dpkg -i "LMS file" 

And update Squeezelite R2, download from here
On SO, go to /var/www/players/Squeezelite-R2
rename old version and replace it with downloaded version, with same name.

(19-Jun-2024, 09:40 AM)Snoopy8 Wrote: And update Squeezelite R2, download from here
On SO, go to /var/www/players/Squeezelite-R2
rename old version and replace it with downloaded version, with same name.
Thank you!
Updated both and going to check if everything works fine...
So far so good - Both LMS and squeezelite-R2 started after upgrade and seem ok in the dashboard ;-)
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You even have qemu-guest installed, nice! One thing you can try is to setup LXC (Container) and pass through the USB device (or card). This should give you way better performance (probably more accurate clock ticks also). With this setup of yours you can setup snapshots and roll back/forward as much as you like. Kind of like docker (but better IMO).
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!


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