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Posted by: bernardhung - 26 minutes ago - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (1)
  • Hi there

    I am wondering what sort of HAT is supported as there must be a bunch of potential Raspberry Pi user looming around?  I am currently testing out ver 1.1.3.  What I am trying to achieve is to use Lumin app (from iPad) to feed music to the Pi that has the Allo's DigiOne Signature.

    I am not seeing the Allo supported in Music Player - ALSA Output Devices

    Any insight would be helpful, thanks in advance.


Posted by: hkphantomgtr - Yesterday, 11:18 PM - Forum: Feature Requests - Replies (2)
  • Hello, Agent Kith, it's me again.

    This time, may I ask for a cron in the webui, so the PC can turn off itself automatically at night?........
    As I've edited cron.conf, yet the shutdown command needs root.  Obviously I won't putty.exe every night for this. 
    Thank you very much for your concern again!  Smile

Posted by: hkphantomgtr - 17-Mar-2019, 11:24 AM - Forum: Feature Requests - Replies (2)
  • May I ask for a "Phase Normal/Invert" function in webui?  And I'll love it even more if it's a on-the-fly button.  Thank you very much for your concern, cheers!   Shy

Posted by: davem - 13-Mar-2019, 12:57 PM - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (4)
  • Hi all,

    Just stumbled onto Snakeoil (LOVE the distro name) while looking for media server alternatives and am playing with this now. Although my primary purpose is LMS/Squeezebox my needs are also a little more broad.

    I would like to install Plex media server - there are loads of how-to's out there but there appears to be a conflict with the GUI's based on testing with pi-hole (DNS ad blocker). Pihole gives you the option of either installing a web server or using the existing one and both options messed things up but luckily pihole is OK without the GUI so not a deal breaker.. However I found the following after testing.

    1. Installed GUI to use existing web server.
    http://snakeoil - gives the admin snakeoil console. OK
    http://snakeoil/admin - should give the admin to pi-hole but redirects to the snakeoil admin page.

    2. I then configured pihole to add web server to run on port 88 
    http://snakeoil - gives the admin snakeoil console but missing data - error saying that REST API timed out.
    http://snakeoil:88/admin - again redirected to snakeoil admin page

    But to confuse things, http://snakeoil:9000 successfully brings up LMS. But I am guessing that LMS GUI does not use REST...

    My linux skills are limited (& dangerous!) but am a little unclear how all this works together... is it because both snakeoil and pihole use REST on the same port ?? I guessed that changing the web listening port would also change the REST port but maybe not.
    How would I approach installing Plex ? would it also conflict with the snakeoil console ? 
    Where are the REST configs stored ??

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


Posted by: markiteight - 11-Mar-2019, 05:39 AM - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (3)
  • I have a NAS running SnakeoilOS 1.1.3 that has three drives configured thusly:
    [Image: Nd0efez.png]

    The problem is when I mount the NAS to my mac it only recognizes the 20GB Boot/OS partition, which obviously causes a complaint when I try to drop my Music folder into it. I'm mounting using


    which brings up a dialog box asking for a username/password to log in as Registered User, or no user/pw to log in as guest. It auto-fills the username box with a name I'm not using, and no password works. Even the user/pw I specified when installing Snakeoil doesn't work. So I choose "Guest" and proceed.
    It next brings up a window asking me to choose "Music" or "Playlists". I choose "Music". It then opens a window showing this:

    [Image: uX7h7xg.png]

    (Ignore the file "Unknown". That's a Beth Orton album I was using as a test.) No matter what directory I choose it only recognizes 17GB available out of 20. Even though it sees sda5, sdb1, and sdc1, it doesn't see the ~1.5TB of available drive space.

    I received this suggestion from you via another user on another forum:

    "That is a known issue with how samba calculates disk space. e.g. if the mount is like so:


    When you look at the free space of /media/music (and any folders under it, e.g. disk_1 or disk_2). It will be the freespace of sda1 (and not sda1+sdb1+sdc1).
    The only workaround is to mount sdb1 as /media/music, copy the files over, then mount sdbc1 as /media/music, and copy the files over. Then when everything is done, re-mount it."

    First of all, is there a way to change the mounts/partitions without reinstalling Snakeoil? The Ubiquity software contained in the install is the only way I can see to do it. So I reinstalled Snakeoil with the following configuration:
    [Image: UjHwdzN.png]

    and tried again. It still only sees the space available under "/" while ignoring the rest. I tried mounting 

    "cifs://<NAS_IP_Address>/media/music "

    it asks for a password for the same non-existent username as before, I select guest, it thinks for a moment, and then I get an error message, "The share does not exist on the server. Please check the share name, and then try again."


    Any ideas?

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