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Posted by: agent_kith - 20-Jun-2018, 08:29 PM - Forum: Snakeoil Linux (Vmlinuz) Kernels - No Replies
  • Native DSD. It's the holy grail for some, download and install this kernel to enable native DSD support. Please refer to Native DSD Support in the manual for more infomation.  If memory serves, you need to set your ALSA output to PCM to get Native DSD to work. I'd try and update the manual when I can.


Posted by: vv329 - 19-Jun-2018, 02:09 PM - Forum: Feature Requests - Replies (3)
  • Hi Kith,
    I am testing out Snakeoil OS to see if it fits for the purpose.

    I am currently using a Dell Optiplex 390 i3 desktop as music server, running Lubuntu 16.04 LTS and MPD v19, I am using MPD's pipe output to Ecasound for a 4 ways active speaker, external USB sound card is Asus U7, this setup also involving custom compile FIR filters from source code created by Richard Taylor.  This setup working beautifully excepted that the OS is not optimized for audio use.

    Since I have seen that your MPD implementation does not use mpd.conf, would it be possible to use MPD's pipe output in SnakeOil OS?

    Best regards,


Posted by: Bullwinkle - 19-Jun-2018, 02:32 AM - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (6)
  • I've tried to install an ASUS PCIe wifi card in my box (for connecting to my tablet). It's based on the Realtek 8812AE chip. Golden Ears sees the chip when I enter

    sudo lshw -class network

    but says it is "unclaimed" (unlike the wired ethernet chips). I take this to mean no driver has "attached" to the card.

    I have tried to load a driver running the program on the ASUS cd included with the card, and also by editing source.list and then using apt-get to tap online versions of the driver, but get the same lack of cooperation I saw using the ASUS cd.

    Any advice? Thanks for considering this.

Posted by: Mivera - 14-Jun-2018, 01:53 AM - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (28)
  • I have been trying very hard to get Snakeoil to boot on my Minnowboard TurboT, and haven't been having any luck. I have booted every OS I've ever tried with no issues with this board. Here's the specs:

    Here's the instructions to install Ubuntu:

    That works fine, Arch linux work fine, same with Windows 10. I tried using Rufus on windows to make a bootable disk. Boots fine on all other computers, not on my Minnowboard. I tried using Etcher, same thing. I even made a clone of a preconfigured VHD in virtual box which boots fine on all other computers, but won't on the Minnowboard. I'm not sure what to even try next. I tried both using the SD card and USB stick. same thing.

Posted by: Mivera - 13-Jun-2018, 02:40 PM - Forum: Feature Requests - Replies (4)
  • Hello,

    I just downloaded Snakeoil for the first time tonight. Wow excellent work! I wish I had discovered this earlier. However It seems that only 1 server can run at a time. I like to run Roonserver at the same time as Hqplayer because they can integrate together so Roon is the GUI, and HQP is the DSP engine. Would it be possible to allow this to happen? 

    Thanks in advance!

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