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Posted by: musicnut23 - 09-Apr-2021, 02:57 AM - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (8)
  • Agent Kith - Posting my installation results here as you requested.  This is related to my post in the "Snakeoil Gear Isolation Alpha Series" thread:

    Quote:agent_kith Wrote: That's an interesting one. Can you run the installer again and C&P the output? Post this in a new thread under "support & troubleshooting".

    403 sounds like the web server is accepting requesting, but then it denied your access. Not sure why. Will be good to suss this out.

    What's not working:  I am unable to access the web interface when typing the ip into the web browser. 

    What is working:  This is a VirtualBox installation.  I AM able to use SSH and view the Samba shares from Windows 10.

    End Goal:  Confirm JRiver 27 will run before wiping out my production box.

    The requested output from the installation script is below.  Sorry for the multiple screenshots vs a simple paste of the text....I didn't know how to do it any other way in the VM.

    [Image: Picture1.jpg]
    [Image: Picture1.jpg]
    [Image: Picture3.jpg]

    [Image: Picture4.jpg]

    Thanks out to you and Snoopy both for taking the time to respond!

Posted by: nappyhead - 07-Apr-2021, 11:02 AM - Forum: Snakeoil Installer - Replies (1)
  • Good evening.

    Where would I find this


Posted by: PittiGi - 30-Mar-2021, 08:12 PM - Forum: Snakeoil Showcase - No Replies
  • Hello everyone, 
    since I have been a very satisfied Snakeoil user for a while now, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts.
    My system server-side:
    Snakeoil/ Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS and LMS 8.2.0 as server on an Intel NUC and connected via inakustik-cat6 cable to an active network switch.
    LMS is tweaked for individual realtime resampling by custom convert-conf.
    Client: Pi 3B plus Allo Piano 1.2 plus Allo Kali Reclocker connected to Allo Volt +D and a Capacitance Multiplier
    Software:Tweaked PcP 7.0 configured for 2.2 output, Speaker Q Acoustics 3020i plus stereo sub
    Dynavox and SMSL for clean power

    [Image: IMG20210330125355.jpg] 

    Stay healthy

Posted by: JD1 - 24-Mar-2021, 12:42 PM - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (8)
  • Hi all,
    Looking to convert my Snakeoil machine to server only (have bought separate renderer). Was thinking to try MinimServer, Roon and JRiver...or other suggestions.

    Is there anything that can be installed via the System tab? ...without need to ssh. 

    Otherwise any tips or links would be appreciated. In the first instance, I thought to use my Pi4 Snakeoil machine but I'll later rebuild my i7 server. If complicated, I probably should wait until that build is done.


Posted by: Tecko - 24-Mar-2021, 02:11 AM - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (26)
  • How do I setup MPD. How do I connect to the server from my windows pc. Do I use ssh with putty? LMS is much easier to config. Which server does sound best? I want to config MPD , the samplerates and I want to add qobuz and tidal plugin. Do not understand MPD till now. Only get my libary running in the standard modus. Can someone explane me how to config MPD?

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