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Posted by: agent_kith - Yesterday, 12:21 PM - Forum: Snakeoil Firmwares - Replies (4)
  • Introduction
    A minor update. Apologies for the delay as I've been splitting my time trying to get my home Internet connection fixed, and also the website of our new Sponsor (Sublime Hifi).

    Anyway, this release now allows you to backup/restore basic snakeoil configuration so you can transfer this to another machine (great for migrating to the next iteration of Snakeoil OS). Note this will only backup and restore the Snakeoil configuration, as well as MPD music databases. This backup will not touch your actual music files as that might be too big to transfer over the web browser (technically it's the uploading that is problematic, not downloading).

    New to this release is the ability to disable uhubctl on your machines (some systems will freeze when uhubctl is querying the USB ports), Unchecking the option will instantly kill the uhubctl querying process which will restore the functionality of modifying the Snakeoil tweaks.

    [Image: disable-uhubctl.png]

    With this out of the way I'll be back on working on Snakeoil Gear Isolation. The hope is to finish porting the new WebApp and make the integration work again.

    .fw   snakeoil-1.1.11-armv7l.fw (Size: 12.64 MB / Downloads: 1) (SHA1: 2493faf6d8a5a09424870c195df12792c04700d3)
    .fw   snakeoil-1.1.11-i686.fw (Size: 13.34 MB / Downloads: 0) (SHA1: 11e4406924c8bc4745dcf7d5ececf6d65b190972)
    .fw   snakeoil-1.1.11-x86_64.fw (Size: 13.32 MB / Downloads: 2) (SHA1: 54a13a8def29a9212ef0a9eebf406afb884348d9)


Posted by: NormAudio - 17-Jan-2021, 11:12 PM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (1)
Posted by: Eso - 17-Jan-2021, 05:56 PM - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (1)
  • Hi. Running old 0.1.5 on jetway MB. Have it on SSD. I have tried a fresh install using usb iso but no joy at all. Not sure if there is a way to copy iso to new ssd and reboot from there?

Posted by: agent_kith - 14-Jan-2021, 09:11 AM - Forum: Sublime Hifi - Replies (1)
  • Let's all give a warm welcome to our first (and probably only) sponsor! Sublime Hifi! Who generiously help provide the bare metal server to host the Snakeoil project. Now with his help we can be assured that Snakeoil project will have a good system to run on for at least the next 11 months.

    [Image: cheer1.gif] [Image: cheer2.gif] [Image: cheer1.gif]

    I know him personally for several years now. I can't really speak for his business mind (Have you seen his old website?!). But what I do know is he's an audiophile first, and a passionate audiophile at that!

    If you're in Australia or NZ, and want some obscure things related to audiophile computer parts or tweaks (the ones especially shunned by measureabters), do hit him up for a chat. Click on the sponsor link to visit his site. Note not all products/brands he carries are are listed, contact him for any queries.

    Check out this quick post here describing how the new server works.

Posted by: emptor - 14-Dec-2020, 09:37 PM - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (4)
  • Hi everyone, still loving my snakeoil MPD setup.

    I run 2 DACs, they both excel in different types of music.

    I​​​​​​ noticed something today where some FLAC songs whilst playing on one of the DACs (Gieseler Gross) sometimes has momentary pauses, for a split second, like its catching up. But on the Denafrips this doesn't occur. Both DACs connected via USB same exact cables to the NUC.

    But the Gieseler has no issues with DSF files.

    Could it be the USB amenero firmware on the Gieseler? I could try installing a different firmware version.

    Another possibility could be that I've enabled 2 out of the 4 USB ports on the NUC? I have USB cables going out if each USB port to the DACs. But snakeoil only connects to one at a time so don't think this is the issue but I could try enable only 1 usb port and do some troubleshooting manually changing the cables.

    I do have advanced features of snakeoil so have done some things like CPUSET etc.

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