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Posted by: Rudy81 - 28 minutes ago - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - No Replies
  • After my previous attempt to get SnakeOil to work  I decided to start fresh on a different machine in hope of getting the OS to work.  I am now using a NUC5CPYH.  Fresh install on an SSD.  Snake Oil install and update to 1.1.8 went well.  I then added Jriver 25 and 26. All installs worked perfectly.  In my previous attempt, I could not get the alsamixer to retain settings.  That is no longer a problem and settings are now retained in this machine. 

    My problem is that I cannot get HDMI to send a signal to the pre/pro I am using.  I do not think it is a machine issue since Daphile does work via HDMI on my system. I would really like to use SnakeOil for my audio system and would prefer HDMI to be the source.  I am about to go out and buy an optical cable to see if that end of the hardware works. 

    I would greatly appreciate any help in getting the HDMI signal path to work.  I am not proficient in Linux, but can follow directions. That is how I loaded Jriver. Thanks for any help.

    [Image: Alsamixer.png]

    [Image: OSstate.png]

Posted by: JD1 - 05-Jan-2020, 10:30 AM - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (5)
  • I have installed Snakeoil 1.18 OS on a small SATA SSD and copied one song to the created Music folder that sits on that SSD as a test. Now I'm trying to add a second (larger) SSD for my music library (Ideally exFAT). 

    Initially, I formatted the SSD to exFAT on my Mac, loaded music and then plugged it into my Snakeoil server. From Terminal I can see the SSD is recognised by Linux to some extent but from the Library tab I am unable to mount it.

    I read on another thread about the Mac/Windows/Linux incompatibility of exFAT and tried fsck.exfat /dev/sdb1 but that was unsuccessful.  I then googled various linux commands and believe I reformatted the SSD from within Snakeoil via Terminal and even then mounted it (also via Terminal). It then appeared as a mount point in the Library tab but I couldn't work out how to copy music to it. From my Mac, I still only saw the music folder named "Music" that sits on the small SSD. Looks like I also failed some command to make sure the new mount point comes up at reboot since it disappeared.

    Any help appreciated and please include the basics of mounting any drive to a location that I can find on the network from my Mac (Samba?). Apart from exFAT issue, I think I'm lacking knowledge in this area. I have never tried to use 2 SSDs before. Not even sure what to name and where to put the 2nd mount point or whether I can delete the 1st.


Posted by: anewmission - 03-Jan-2020, 06:31 PM - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (8)
  • i absolutely love snakeoil, every little tinker makes it sound better

    the problem i have is finding an app that will allow tidal playback and also my library
    current setup is using minimserver with the upmpdcli and snakeoils latest version of mpd

    the apps i have tried to use as remotes for both tidal and my library are
    linn kazoo (see's minimserver library wont load tidal)
    bubbleupnp (minimserver library works great, tidal keeps coming up with authentication error)
    lumin (seems like they removed tidal)
    ak connect (works with both, but does not save player and renderer... family cannot use)
    mconnect (doesnt work)
    project audio's app (in theory has everything i want, library, tidal and spotify... tidal wont work)
    m.a.l.p (only my mpd library)

    and possibly a dozen more.

    i see in the snakeoil wiki that you can add tidal to mpd somehow? its very confusing and i am not sure where to add it.

    any help would be appreciated, as i dont think its worth paying for tidal if i cant get it to work on my system
    i have been thinking about getting a chromecast audio from ebay and just using that for tidal but i would prefer everything on one system.


Posted by: seafoodlover - 28-Dec-2019, 12:40 AM - Forum: Feature Requests - Replies (6)
  • Any chance to add Lsyncd so that user can easily syn their network driver to local driver?

Posted by: wongcwwilson - 21-Dec-2019, 08:13 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (2)
  • Hi, does anyone one know if Snakeoil can be installed and run in a NAS?  May you share how to make it if so? 
    I have an old QNAP NAS.  I am thinking if I could make use of it to play music by Snakeoil.  Please share your experience if you do have.  Thank you. Thanks

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