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Posted by: merterbalci - 4 hours ago - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (1)
  • Think Hi Everyone! 

    When i try to install Blind Test to my T520 Thin Client,
    Everything goes fine but after the installation system try to install Ubuntu again and again.
    There is no Snakeoil IP page just Ubuntu installation loop.

    What should i do?

Posted by: XavierP56 - 17-Sep-2018, 03:06 AM - Forum: Feature Requests - Replies (1)
  • Hi,

    I'd like to have RompR integrated within SnakeOil.

    RompR has a great UI to find records using MPD.

    Many thanks in advance,

Posted by: frednork - 16-Sep-2018, 10:35 PM - Forum: Support & Troubleshooting - Replies (3)
  • I have been trying a setup consisting of an I3 laptop as a roon server and a Jetway NF9C atom board as a renderer running roonbridge.  more detail is available here 
    Some suggestions on the thread have been to use tsc as the timer and this is possible on the I3 but not on the Atom board

    so@so-desktop:~$ dmesg | grep -i tsc
    [    0.000000] tsc: Fast TSC calibration using PIT
    [    0.000000] tsc: Detected 1862.228 MHz processor
    [    0.355395] TSC synchronization [CPU#0 -> CPU#1]:
    [    0.355397] Measured 64869 cycles TSC warp between CPUs, turning off TSC clock.
    [    0.355403] tsc: Marking TSC unstable due to check_tsc_sync_source failed
    [    0.654091] clocksource: tsc: mask: 0xffffffffffffffff max_cycles: 0x35af94fd872, max_idle_ns: 881590752918 ns

    I tried another atom board with similar result. Is this an atom issue or SO?

    Another suggestion was to underclock the CPU, this didnt seem possible within SO. Is it or will it be possibe?

Posted by: JD1 - 02-Sep-2018, 10:57 AM - Forum: Feature Requests - Replies (4)
  • Hi Agent Kith,
    I'm keen to do more with CPU affinity. Ultimately, it would be great if there was something like a 3rd group that could reserve a CPU for special user defined PIDs or IRQs.
    [I'm ignorant about any differences between PIDs and IRQs in this context]

    First up, could you modify TOP to show the last used CPU?
    Currently, I ssh TOP, hit F, scroll down to P, hit space and then escape to see this info in Terminal.

    The main consumer of CPU power in my system is irq/127-xhci_hc
    I'm guessing this relates to the USB output to my DAC. That is the one for which I'd like to separately assign a CPU core.

    For many weeks, I have assigned CPU#3 to User, leaving #0, #1 & #2 for System. Initially when I started playing with cpuset and monitoring last used CPU, I saw that IRQ127-xh followed system (CPU#0, 1 or 2). Later it seemed to always follow User (always on CPU#3 for weeks once stopped making changes in cpuset).  Today, I changed to CPU#2 & CPU#3 for User and notiiced that IRQ127-xh was using the system cores again. Back to User=CPU#3 only...IRQ still using System IRQ pinned to User CPU#3.

    Perhaps this is why I didn't hear much immediate effect when playing with cpuset but felt SQ was improved long-term.


Posted by: Bromf - 30-Aug-2018, 08:28 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (1)
  • Confirming that this works fine......

    [Image: dsd.jpg]

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