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==All MPD Versions==
==All MPD Versions==
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Latest revision as of 08:59, 30 July 2020

This is MPD 0.18 with non-official DSD-RT patches applied. This player was introduced in an era where DSD was just taking off, and the patch allows native DSD playback for the very first time.


Bundled in the ISO until 1.1.0 (Blind Testing) and firmware until 1.1.6 (Blind Testing U6).

This player will be kept when you upgrade. But future editions of Snakeoil will no longer include this player and you have to install this manually as a module.

How To Install

How To Uninstall

Configuration Options

The follow option applies to MPD DSD-RT only. It will not work on other MPD version. You also need to enable DoP in the hardware tab.

MPD Option Settings Comments
dsd_native_type 0 Stream DSD music in unsigned 8 bits (DSD_U8)
2 Stream DSD music in unsigned 32 bits big endian (DSD_U32_BE)
3 Stream DSD music in unsigned 32 bits little endian (DSD_U32_LE)

All MPD Versions