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Howto setup resampling in Logitech Media Server

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Do you need upsampling your flac files ?

i just worked some hours, and i find this solution to upsampling flac files to 24/96 :

1 - Open your terminal and give the command :  

sudo touch /etc/squeezeboxserver/custom-convert.conf

2 - give the command :

sudo chmod 666 /etc/squeezeboxserver/custom-convert.conf

3 - edit the file :

sudo nano /etc/squeezeboxserver/custom-convert.conf

and then insert this code (make a copy and paste from here):

flc flc * *
              # FT:{START=--skip=%t}U:{END=--until=%v}
             [flac] -dcs $START$ $END$ -- $FILE$  |  [sox] -q -t wav - -t flac -e signed -C 0 -b 24 - rate -v -b 98 -L -a 96000

exit and save the file

4 - Restart the service or reboot the pc :

sudo service logitechmediaserver restart

This work for me, the flac files are upsampled to 24/96. 
If you need others rate change the 24 and 96000 numbers with others.
The only thing that don't work is the Radio Paradise Flac service.
Somebody find the solution for upsampling also Radio Paradise Flac ?

By (sorry for my english Smile )

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[Image: admire2.gif]
Noice! Something this good deserves it's own thread. Didn't know LMS can do that!

Opens up so many possibilities... e.g. Convolution filtering, Sox resampling with a million taps (@frednork).
(23-Apr-2019, 07:23 PM) Gigipack Wrote: The only thing that don't work is the Radio Paradise Flac service.
Somebody find the solution for upsampling also Radio Paradise Flac ?

Suspect the entry you created is for local FLAC. There should be a hook somewhere for streaming input. Hopefully that'll give you some ideas on where to look. Unfortunately right now I still have some stuffs at home I need to finish, so couldn't really investigate too deep into this.
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Kudos to Gigipack for the find. I stumbled upon this as well a little bit ago but was looking for an easier solution and stumbled upon a plugin for LMS called C3PO Transcoding helper:

It essentially edits the same file but does it through a graphical interface through the LMS control panel.

To install open your LMS web control and go to settings, then plugins. It should be listed under 3rd party plugins. Check the box and apply to install (like any other plugin). If it is not listed you would need to update your LMS to any version newer than the "latest official version" listed on Logitech's website. I run version 7.9.2. 

Once installed go back into settings, click in the player tab and click on the dropdown settings box which will probably say "basic settings". You will see "C-3PO Transcoding Helper" listed in there somewhere. Click on that and check the box to enable it and then click apply. 

Now you have access to a bunch of different settings that would be applied to the convert.conf file. Read the documentation for the plugin to get a full understanding as some of the options are not self explanatory.

I personally only use it to upsample (24/192) so I always uncheck the boxes for "convert" and "additional effects" to save some overhead. Anyone using a RPi3+ or something similarly anemic in the processing department should not expect to be able to run the highest sample rate with the best quality unless you have the server itself running on a different, more powerful computer and use the RPi as the Squeezelite. Also, I believe this only works with the R2 version of Squeezlite, but I could be wrong on that.

Wow, this post got long winded! I never got to listening impressions and all that but I'll save that for another day. I also have some info on upsampling with Mpd but I'll start a new thread for that. Again, thanks Gigapack for the thread and Agent_Kith for this awesome software!
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I tried the  C-3PO plugin, and in effect is the best solution for change the custom-convert.conf file
in  a guided way !!!

I installed the Snakeoil 1.1.6 firmware (thank agent_kith for the new work), i upgraded the ubuntu, remove
my edited file custom-convert.conf and then installed the C-3PO plugin.
After configuring the parameters, all is wonderfully functioning, many thanks to  mkysimes  for this suggestion !

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The post is already a few days old, but if you are interested in resampling/upsampling and much more you should have a look here

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