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Native DSD: linux-4.4.9-rt17

(31-May-2019, 05:18 PM) ravenman Wrote: Thank you for quick reply,  some experiments proved working DSD in native mode, the tricks was dsd kernel + MPD 0.21.8 (latest) and native menu option. Now everything seems work fine. Only my beloved easy sounding LMS + SquezeeLite not wok with native mode, only DOP, probably later version fix this ?. I have free edition of SnakeOil, but planned donation ,because it sound damn good or best among everything else. Good work. Legacy players aka XMMS shows cannot start server, probably unsupported dac ? (I know is absolete, but is there option that not work in my conf)

One of the Squeezelite player (R2 if not wrong) supports native DSD. I just can't remember which one, try all the players till you get one working?

Unfortunately my DAC isn't native DSD so I can't really test this. Thanks
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