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Snakeoil and hardware tests

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Performed several sound tests with the laptop, it has lost all its magic .. it has become heavier and thicker, the delicate nuances and depth is no longer what they ran ...
That valvular sweetness is gone.
The test is very curious ... I return to the previous configuration of the computer without housing and with all the services canceled (serial port, parallel, without hard drives, all possible inputs and outputs canceled ...)
...And everything works again and gets in place!!
One thing that if I plan to change the power supply and a good USB Hi-Fi output.
I think that the simpler and with few and good elements, Snakeoil is a perfect software for listening to music at the highest levels.

[Image: 2019-07-25-14-11-57.jpg]
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(14-Aug-2019, 05:28 PM) luiswu Wrote: The test is very curious ...

Same. This reflects our collective experience. Some motherboard/CPU combination is pretty good, while some are outright horrible. And the only thing we have changed is the motherboard/CPU. There must be a reason for this, it's defintely not placebo. Just don't know how to objectively test this at all.

However, one man's horrible is another man's great (True story). I like my midrange to be more lifelike, while others may prefer something with better bass response. To each their own, that's why Snakeoil has this flexibility (for better or worse).

Just experimentation of hardware will take up a lot of time.. And when the future kernel building site goes live, that will take up even more. But the time invested will be worth it, finding the right Snakeoil combination will give you music like you havn't heard before. Doing this is far better than buying a component, use it for 3 months, sell it and buy another one. Rinse and repeat, but going nowhere.

Have a baseline. Understand what you have, horne what you have, polish what you have, and maximise out what you have. This is the snakeoil philosophy, to play music - your way.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
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