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adding replay-gain tags

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Not sure if this is the right place for this but thought that I would share this in case it helps somebody.

When I first ripped my CD collection, it did all the tagging and life was good. Over the years things have been added but I have noticed that the replay gain tags are missing (volume changes) or corrupt or who knows. I did some searching for tag editors, tried a few linux and windows and for various reasons none were ideal for this.

Stumbled on the discovery that 'flac' has replay-gain functionality and is built-in to snakeoil !  (big thanks to Agent Kith for the foresight).

The command is simply metaflac --add-replay-gain /media/music/flac/folder/*.flac
metaflac --list /media/music/flac/folder/*.flac |grep REPLAYGAIN - will show your results or if there are already tags

This is great for individual albums, not so great for a collection.


This guy has created a couple of very simple scripts to go through your entire folder structure and tag your flacs ! Appears to overwrite existing replay-gain tags so no conflict. Simple. My tags are being updated as I type Smile

Hopefully this is of use to someone.
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