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3.0.3-rt12 series

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This is the kernel that was specially picked for the inaugral 0.1.0 release. At the time I used this kernel because subjectively I find the sound quality using this kernel to be very good (relaxed laid back sound). Unfortunately subsequent releases have moved on because this old kernel seem to have some compatibility issues with with Vitus and Accuphase CDP's USB input.
64 Bit  32 Bit 
  • linux-3.0.3-rt12-snakeoil kernel is the kernel used for ISO. It has AUFS built in which is required for LiveCD to work. It also supports Intel HDA, USB, Juli@ and the Asus ST/STX.
    .bz2   linux-3.0.3-rt12-snakeoil.tar.bz2 (Size: 2.9 MB / Downloads: 10)
  • linuz-3.0.3-rt12-usb is a more streamlined kernel with more components removed (no support for AUFS, Intel HDA, Juli@ or the ST/STX). This kernel work with USB DAC only. Designed for people to replace the stock kernel after installing Snakeoil onto their machines, this leaner kernel saves about 70k of space.
    .bz2   linuz-3.0.3-rt12-usb.tar.bz2 (Size: 2.83 MB / Downloads: 6)
  • linux-3.0.3-rt12-i386-usb is even more streamlined. Compiled to work with all i386 CPUs, this kernel has the least optimisations. 
    .bz2   vmlinuz-3.0.3-rt12-i386-usb.tar.bz2 (Size: 2.91 MB / Downloads: 3)
    .bz2   vmlinuz-3.0.3-rt12-i386-usb-hda.tar.bz2 (Size: 3.06 MB / Downloads: 3)

Update: Thread closed as we are transitioning to Snakeoil 1.0.0!
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