More Problems with Squeezelite in 1.3
I am having nothing but problems with squeezelite in SnakeOil 1.3.

My config is that I have several players across my house.  2 Different machines running ubuntu 22.04 with SO 1,3  and Squeezelite R2  1.8 and Squeezlite Ralph.  On both server machines running SO  i am using topping USB DACs

They work for the most part with intermittent crashes every couple days .  Normally I'd put this to high res files or DSD files,  but this problem started (as covered in several threads on here) with the upgrade to 1.3 .   I'm running LMS 8.4.0 and LMS 8.4.1 on the two machines.  In both cases LMS prompted for the upgrade,  i do not understand why one machine got 5.4.0 and the other 8.4.1 or the difference between the two. but both hapenned through LMS automatically.

WHen the player crashes it looks for a min like it's playing but no sound comes out,  then disapears completly from the player dialogue.

Anyone having similar issues?


When this happens again, can you generate a diagnostic file and send it to me please? I may not have time to look into this at the moment, but will do my best.
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(17-Feb-2024, 10:01 AM)agent_kith Wrote: When this happens again, can you generate a diagnostic file and send it to me please? I may not have time to look into this at the moment, but will do my best.

will do ..... thank you


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