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Hardware alternatives
for anyone who could be interested
i have spent several years testing various architectures (PC + Ubuntu + Snakeoil) and players
starting from heavy and expensive units with CPU MB Case PSU Bridges for BNC AES/EBU etc...

just to recently discover that mini-pc like Minis Forum or Beelink has great sound and no complexity (MPD + FLAC lossless)
they are quite inexpensive, a decent storage capacity (Sata or M2) and 3-4 USB ports.
Convert USB to BNC (SPDIF) is easy and worth the effort
The miniPC Must be externally powered with a good linear PSU....power consumption should be less then 500 mA......(HDD included) so a small 12V unit will be ok

I have no experience of Raspberry but if someone is looking for alternatives i really suggest to try this solution
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  • hkphantomgtr

Yup, I've played with and setting up such mini pc since 7-8 years ago.

One of the trick for such mini pc is using low latency ram (CL value) and input the corresponding values in CMOS.

Also isolating vibration (e.g. spring footing)  to this mini pc also is very rewarding.  And placing something heavy on it to damp the resonance also can silence the background and increase the contrast and details.   Big Grin
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  • agent_kith

I use two of these:  Fitlet2 with intel/atom 3900

One for Snakeoil/Ubuntu desktop and the other as server with LMS/daphile.  Both headless, diskless, and boot from USB.  I use upnp/mpd currently as player.  Run everything from iPad.

I used to use a server/player configuration both with Daphile.  With Snakeoil as player it is more more detailed, 3D.  I don’t think mpd is overdetailed/ clinical at all though..  My DAC is tubed (Lampizator B7 MKII) which may help to smooth things a bit and this seems to be the right combination at the moment for me.

Edit: tried to add link but can’t for some reason.


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