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Poll: Is Your System In Phase?
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Is Your System In Phase?

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Is your system in phase? Do you have that feeling that for some unkown reason you just cannot get into the groove when listening to music with your hifi setup?

If yes, your system may be out of phase. To check, read this article here.
[Image: Inverted_Phase.png]
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Here's an interesting article from Stereophile.

Just had my DAC serviced recently by my colleague to fix a fault, had a quick conversation with him along the way of some recordings I borrowed from him.

Woke up this morning, and suddenly the stereophile article and my comments clicked together. It literally dawned on me everything I said to him (e.g. very closed mic recording, sound stage constrained within the speakers, etc) are classical examples of an inverted phase system!!!

[Image: studying.gif]

So took a quick shot of the DAC and sure enough it was set to 2+ (Which is the wrong setting for mys setup). This switch was flicked as the DAC was moved and serviced.
[Image: inverted_phase.png]
Still managed to pick this up from a quick casual listen (Didn't really sit down and listen critically as I have a dreadful week!). Do I have bat ears or what? What! [Image: confused.gif]

Absolute phase is a thing I tell 'ya, although I can't prove it yet (The article was published in 1980 and we are still non the wiser 40 years later). Just make sure to set your system for Absolute Polarity (+). And don't think you'd fine with RCA (Single Ended gears) - some equipment, like Conrad Johnson has -ve polarity!

Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
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