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Playing music off a RAM disk, what are your impressions?

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Blind Testing U7 introduces RAM play for activated users.

My initial impressions with RAM play (this is in comparison to loading off files off my NAS) - there's not a lot of difference..

When playing off RAM, I seem to think
  1. More depth
  2. Perhaps a bit more pin point precision
  3. More clarity
  4. more speed?
  5. Not very warm.
Still have more tests to do, but the difference isn't much. I'm struggling to think of any music tracks that will highlight the above. Perhaps it's because I'm already streaming music off the network anyway, so everything is alrady on RAM. To be perfectly honest, I'll be perfectly content just to continue and stream music off my NAS...

For me the audio benefiits doesn't give me the wow moment, the same way CPUset do.

What are your thoughts? If you have any tracks that seems to show an improvement, can you share it?
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I just not long became a patreon member, so once I have the activation code, I'll give it a go.

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