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Music That Is Out of Phase?

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For some background, refer to this poll.

The 30th anniversary SACD. Some of the tracks could possibly be phase inverted. Thanks to the SFX, the easier tracks to identify are 
  1. Time: Listen to the bells/chimes. When you invert the phase, you'd find there is more height to the chimes, and the whole room is ringing. It just sounds more correct that way.
  2. Money: Listen to the the cashier. It sounds disjointed with 'holes' until you invert the phase.
[Image: folder.jpg]
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Musik Wie Von Einem Anderen Stern Manger Test CD

Are these tracks out of phase? Try inverting them and report back which you prefer.
  • 13. Walking On The Moon
  • 15. Jazz Variants
[Image: folder.jpg]
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