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Ongoing status updates with new UI for Gear Isolation

So 1.2.0 is all about a new OS and a fancy shell installer. Took months but that is finally out of the way. That is only half the story! The WebApp was my first attempt with Angular, and frankly it's not my best work.OK, it is still better compared to the first version of Snakeoil:
[Image: old_snakeoil.png]
So next bit of work is re-work the WebApp and improve the coding, and implement additional features suggested by you guys over the years. Code wise it will be update from Angular 2 all the way to Angular 11 (probably 12 by the time this is done). That is under the hood. What you will see as an audiophile will be a cleaner/neater user interface. Two words - less clutter.

The dashboard is finished. That's one down, 7 more to go. Confused Confused
[Image: new-gui.jpg]
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
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Been a week, but it felt like a month for some reason. Unfortunately too many odd jobs around the house and other misc errands that kept me away from Snakeoil. :(

The building blocks are complete, but there's still a fair way to go. Have decided to spilt Snakeoil section (Beta/experimental features) into more sub-menu items. The benefits of this is it may be easier to move them out once it's deemed to be stable.

Still a lot of things to do to be honest, e.g. going to re-imagine how music players work. Hopefully we'll get there eventually.

[Image: new-menu-system.jpg]
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
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Quote:too many odd jobs around the house and other misc errands

Yes, that seems to be the default here on waking each day... Smile
So I had some grand plans for the last WA long weekend... But!! I got sick, and slept for almost 50 hours.. And on Monday when I woke up, turned on the computer, and my SSD is dead again! That's 3 days gone unfortunately. I'm on my last SSD now, but still have heaps of old computer HDD left to go. Don't really want to buy new computer hardware until I run out of my old stock. Hopefully I can get back up to speed and finish up the GUI. stay tuned.

PS: I can actually feel my brain working very very slowly so don't expect too much. :(
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
Mystery solved on why my brain was running so slowly. Didn't realise I have a fever. Sad A wet towel later and now I'm fixed. Ordered a body thermometer and calling that lesson learnt.

Anyway, remember the "big new thing" I was talking about previously? Well, basically if you look at two post backs, it's the side menu. Although that kind of works, I find it a bit too small and mouse centric. I like to go with big clickable areas where possible (esp for the dashboard).

So decision is made to  do away with the side menu, and replace the sub sections with tiles, like so. The footer will also go away.
[Image: New-Desktop.png]

Tapping the tiles will go into the sub-menus as before, I find this more phone/tablet friendly IMO. BTW, I am going to pay a usage fee for the first five or six pictures ($2 each for a total of $10 or $12). 6 if I decided to go with the wizard, and 5 without. These pictures are just place holders for now, but will find and pay for a good set on final release.

Still toying with the layout, but the gist is we are going with this look now. Hope you guys like it.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
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