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Checking out the 'ripped from working PC' crates at our local recycling depot.....

Found this... Big Grin

an oldie-but-a-goodie.....(still supported with firmware this month !!) and for about $3.00 (US equivalent)... (Was new here $1,200.00+)...what could go wrong...?? Tongue

Downloaded the firmware upgrades and tomorrow will boot a windows to install them then it's back to Ubuntu and Snakeoil to see what works !! Cool
It's still for sale new in UK £549 or used on eBay for £250 recently. 
Good find
(28-Oct-2021, 03:58 PM)patricia1066 Wrote: It's still for sale new in UK £549 or used on eBay for £250 recently. 
Good find

Erkss! that's a lot of moolah!... Big Grin .....  tried it in an HP t610 today with Xubuntu 20.04.... recognised and reported...!!  It lives!

Now to make some analog breakout cables....need to get a DB15HD plug and shell tomorrow.

I tried with alsamixer and aplay -l  arecord -l and (from a live USB Ubuntu) Audacity and they all found the card and recorded... sweet!!
I still love my old 16 gb max flash drive t520, but the t610 is certainly more moddable. 

Parky Towers has a collection of mods for the t610 which doesn't include this one.


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