Snakeoil and DNS

Does snakeoil do anything funky with DNS resolution ? 

Background. My server had snakeoil and pi-hole running in a docker container. All was good.
Perhaps foolishly, I recently rebuilt my machine from scratch in an effort to resolve the issue of not playing mp3's..
I reinstalled pi-hole as before and it wouldnt work. After much fluffing around I got it to a point where pi-hole would resolve/respond to requests from the local LAN and also at the Ubuntu level of the snakeoil machine. Strangely LMS was failing lookups when trying to play internet radio...pi-hole received the request with a source IP of the local docker interface. I found it strange that the Linux would work but LMS not.
I have now pointed my snakeoil server to my router as a workaround (very few lookups so no big deal)


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