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(04-Dec-2016, 05:24 PM) psergy Wrote: After turning on verbose logging mode, I found that crash is caused by *.ape files. Some of them are valid music files but most are hidden ._*.ape files. Mac OS creates such files automatically.
MPD v19 and git are trying to process files and crash. While v17 just ignores it and db update works:
ignoring unrecognized file test/_apple.test.ape
update: finished

Sample file was sent by email.

Thank you for trying to resolve it!

Can I confirm the filename? Is it ._apple.test.ape or _apple.test.ape?

I'd try and find the cause after my dinner.

In the meantime, depending on the files, can you try and create a file called /media/music/.mpdignore with just one of the follow wildcards (whatever matches the Mac OS autogenerated files) 
  • *_*.ape
  • _*.ape 
And then do a DB rescan and see how it goes?  For more information, refer to this article (

I'd see if it's possible to dig into the MPD code to find this issue and submit back to the MPD guys once I find the issue. thanks in advance.
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(04-Dec-2016, 05:44 PM) agent_kith Wrote: Can I confirm the filename? Is it ._apple.test.ape or _apple.test.ape?

filename is ._originalfilename

Looks like .mpdignore is not working for v19. Sad
Added *.ape. But files are indexed as it was.

Manually deleted all ._ files from NAS. Now it works!
Thank you!
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