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Snakeoil ISO - 1.1.0 (Blind Testing)

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This is it. After more than a year of development, the Snakeoil Squad is pleased to announce the next major release of Snakeoil OS - 1.1.0 Blind Testing. This release is dedicated to Antonio Cheng, my best friend who passed away in Feburary.

Antonio, you have touched my heart and my life. We will miss you dearly and I am sorry I wasn't there more for you.

Read this blog post to discover some the major features in Blind Testing. Full change log at the end of this post.

The ISO downloads are for people new to Snakeoil. You do not need this ISO if you are already running Snakeoil OS 1.0.x (Golden Ears). Simply proceed to the Snakeoil Firmwares section to download and apply the latest firmware.

As always, refer to the Snakeoil Reference Manual for more details.
  • Intel/AMD 32 bit edition (File: snakeoil-i686-1.1.0.iso | Date: 20180804 | SHA1: 0b75ab0782be835c50695a93c5015edc67bdc523):
    Mirror #1: Google 
    Mirror #2: Baidu
  • Intel/AMD 64 bit edition (File: snakeoil-x86_64-1.1.0.iso | Date: 20180804 | SHA1: ad91280b342f0269035b498ebeaabee462d5033c):
    Mirror #1: Google Drive
    Mirror #2: Baidu
  • Raspberry Pi 2B/2B+/3B/3B+ (File: | Date: 20181014 | SHA1: 10e4556afd0b2fbef72c60fc867510ac742cef89):
    Mirror #1: Google Drive
    Mirror #2: Baidu

This is a huge release, so this is a huge list.
  • 0000247: [install] Fixed missing libaries in ISO builds
  • 0000246: [players] Fix bugs in startup/stop scripts of all players
  • 0000244: [web-app] Use new MPD remote - myMPD
  • 0000215: [web-app] Beta 3: Cannot upgrade kernel?
  • 0000216: [web-app] Beta-2: Start Roon+HQPlayer together
  • 0000217: [players] Beta-2: Add support for MPD pipe output
  • 0000219: [web-app] Beta-2: If don't already have ALSA device added, cannot save and start players when running only server players
  • 0000220: [web-app] Beta-2: User account in System always return as snakeoil. Also cannot reset password.
  • 0000221: [players] Beta-2: Update MPD-v20 to 0.20.20
  • 0000222: [web-app] Beta 3: Fixed install/uninstall program in snakeoil menu
  • 0000223: [web-app] Beta 3: Fix synchronous post problem in Snakeoil
  • 0000225: [players] Beta 4: Update HQPlayer NAA to 3.5.4-38 and HQPlayer to 3.22.0-76
  • 0000226: [web-app] Beta 4: Fixed crash in music player when updating player options: "this.model.audio_option[this.oldPlayer] is undefined"
  • 0000227: [web-app] Beta 4: Fix players menu always showing modified text on first load
  • 0000228: [web-app] RC 1: Saving New Language Showing the wrong filename
  • 0000229: [web-app] RC 1: Reload languages file after saving a newly created language file
  • 0000230: [web-app] RC 1: Allow use of minimplayer as server and upnpcli as client
  • 0000233: [web-app] RC 1: Editing existing languages loading the wrong language name
  • 0000234: [web-app] RC 1: Reload webapp when re-connecting to REST server
  • 0000240: [web-service] RC 1: Promote enable/disable player client and player server to free edition
  • 0000236: [web-service] RC1: Clang/cppcheck RESTful code
  • 0000237: [web-app] RC 1: Clear existing diagnostics file if present when generating a new diagnostics file.
  • 0000238: [web-app] RC 1: Improve diagnostics file download user experience
  • 0000239: [web-service] RC 1: Fixed a display bug when resetting the USB in the system menu
  • 0000242: [web-app] Add a note to users to contact me if they havn't received an activation code when they do a paypal or patreon
  • 0000245: [web-app] Add a new line explainingthat diagnostic file contains sensitive information and should only be sent to a snakeoil squad member.
  • 0000212: [web-app] Secondary Mechanism to update/recover Snakeoil firmware
  • 0000211: [web-app] Reverse Proxy RESTful server, now listening at
  • 0000213: [web-app] Change default theme from 'blue' to 'blur'
  • 0000207: [players] Remember different player options for each unique player
  • 0000205: [web-app] Fix kernel selection bug in snakeoil menu
  • 0000112: [web-app] Ability to detect special features in system and show UI elements accordingly
  • 0000115: [web-app] Allow assigning processes to a particular CGROUP (CPUSET) [Activated Edition Only]
  • 0000157: [web-service] Add exFAT support
  • 0000200: [players] Remove mpd-git as it's too close to latest version of released mpd
  • 0000204: [web-app] Fix missing Close button in close when players fail to start.
  • 0000151: [web-app] Detect if PulseAudio is present, and have option to disable PulseAudio
  • 0000187: [web-app] Display current sample rate of audio device
  • 0000108: [web-app] Add ability to disable bonjour (avahi-daemon) [Activated Edition Only]
  • 0000186: [web-app] Fix bad MPD Client URL (URL has both IPv4 and IPv6 text)
  • 0000185: [web-app] Don't check update server everytime you go into the dashboard
  • 0000182: [web-app] Add ability to power on/off supported USB hubs in Snakeoil menu
  • 0000159: [web-app] Update WebApp to use ngx-admin
  • 0000171: [web-app] Incorporate @ngx-translate so I can put all text in a single file
  • 0000181: [web-app] Move Wizard away from Dashboard
  • 0000162: [install] Fix broken memtest+ in ISO
  • 0000179: [install] Fix ALAC playback on Logitech Media Server
  • 0000178: [web-app] New quoting logic in audiophile quotes
  • 0000172: [web-app] Add a refresh button to get a new quote
  • 0000146: [web-app] When in free edition, show features that are available when in Snakeoil mode
  • 0000147: [web-app] Show a "configuration saved" thing for 10 seconds after you make a save
  • 0000078: [web-app] Prompt save when made changes and try to move to another part of the web-app
  • 0000153: [web-app] Add "netstat" button in system command panel
  • 0000090: [web-app] Add MTU field in manual network configuration [Activated Edition Only]
  • 0000137: [install] Update cyclictest to v1.0 in ISO
  • 0000119: [web-service] Expand snakeoil-rest to do CLI mode.
  • 0000121: [web-service] Add CLI mode: Generate Diagnostics File
  • 0000120: [web-service] Add CLI mode: Show version
  • 0000134: [install] Disable pulse audio with 32 bit ISO install
  • 0000127: [install] Don't unpack default blue theme. Reducing ISO size by approximately 10-15 MB. 
  • 0000132: [install] 32 bit ISO is missing cyclictest
  • 0000118: [General] Automate Build Process

  1. You cannot change the kernel boot settings on a fresh Snakeoil install. To fix this please download the firmware and upload it to your Snakeoil PC. This will restore a missing file allowing you to make this change.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
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And the Raspberry pi edition is released. There'd be bugs in there, please report any here, and it'd be fixed in 1.1.1.

Write the image to a microsd card like any Pi images, and if you want to SSH in, the login is 'pi'. and the password is the stock 'raspberry'.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
(17-Oct-2018, 12:03 PM) agent_kith Wrote: And the Raspberry pi edition is released. There'd be bugs in there, please report any here, and it'd be fixed in 1.1.1.

Write the image to a microsd card like any Pi images, and if you want to SSH in, the login is 'pi'. and the password is the stock 'raspberry'.

Does the raspberry image contains Mpd+upmpdcli??

(01-Dec-2018, 12:05 AM) juliocat Wrote: Does the raspberry image contains Mpd+upmpdcli??


MPD is included by default (as it's a custom build). upmpdcli you can either install it manually via APT, or via the Snakeoil menu. Once upmpdcli is installed the option "mpd+upmpdcli" will automatically appear in the menu.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
I Have activation code, I get the green activation notice but the dashboard still shows "free edition" and there are no additional settings. Can anyone help! Is there a way to activate it via command line. Current setup is an Intel i3 computer/60 GB SSD for Snakeoil OS/ 1 terabyte SSD for music storage > Audio Alchemy DDP-1 with PS-5 > Simaudio Moon 400m monoblocks > EgglestonWorks Rosa speakers.

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SnakeoilOS gives you the freedom to spend more time on listening, enjoying and exploring music. Wasting time on computers is now a thing of the past! Everything is constantly evolving/improving. Please check back often for updates.

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