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Snakeoil ISO - 1.0.0 (Golden Ears)

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It's here - Snakeoil OS 1.0.0 Golden Ears. This is how Snakeoil OS should be, and now it finally is. The Golden Ears development took approximately 5 months (including 2 months of testing) and is a complete re-write from the ground up. This is a big change:
  • 36 new features since Snakeoil OS 0.1.5d. Brand new asynchronous WebApp (Like how USB 2.0 DAC communicates with the computer)
  • Fixed 23 bugs discovered in alpha testing and 12 bugs in beta testing
  • Updated documentation
Long story short, it's a lot of work. Snakeoil OS is better now, and I reckon it sounds even better than before (This was the big worry before Whew).

What To Do
This is where it gets a bit complicated:
  1. New users: Download this ISO and install
  2. 0.1.x users: Please download this ISO and do a complete re-install. Make sure you do not wipe out your music files when doing this
  3. 0.8.x users: Go to the 1.0.0 firmware thread
  4. 0.9.x users: Go to the 1.0.0 firmware thread
Change log
If you're interested in the details of what is new, have a read here: Change log 1.0.0.

Files are hosted on Google Docs. 
Known Issues
Please update to the latest Firmware whenever possible known issues.

Useful Links
Read these first if you are unfamiliar with Snakeoil OS and its inner workings:

Follow The Music, Follow Snakeoil.
Turns out there is a problem with playing Apple Lossless materials. If you are using Apple music files, please download the fix and upload this module via the System menu. The Snakeoil OS will reboot automatically.
Follow The Music, Follow Snakeoil.

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