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Snakeoil Salesman 2 channel setup

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POE splitters are here. And Ihave replaced most SMPS with these POE splitters. Great option with this is my POE switch can be controlled by my home automation stuffs. Meaning I can turn things on/off depending on the conditions I set.

Also, got an electrician to re-wire my switch board. I have a total of 9 circuits, but with only 4 circuit breakers. So what I did is put each circuit on it's on circuit breaker (with RCD), and also added a surge arrestor. Also upgraded some of the link cables in the panel with thicker guage cables.

Trying to identify which circuit goes where turns out to be more difficult than expected. Bad thing is my server is running on 16 A circuit, in bedrooms and the fridge.

Good thing is my music room is on it's own dedicated circuit, so is the microwave :/... Havn't had a time to listen to it yet so not too sure if it's an upgrade or now. But this post is to re-iterate the same old story. Every cable from sub-station all the way into your house, and into your ceiling, down to your GPO are of thicker gauge cables. Your weakest link is actually the patch cable you connect your equipment to. They are 0.75mm to 1mm cross sectional.. Which is far thinner than your in wall cables. I blogged about this before here.

Do give power cables a try and see how it goes... Even with this, there is a always going to be a weakest link (e.g. the GPO outlet, you as the listener, etc)... So as usual, YMMV.
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