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Next Generation Snakeoil Release Candidates (0.9.0)

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Following the preview (0.8.x), here's the release candidate (0.9.x). In this round of beta-testing, there will be no new features (called a feature freeze).

In the release candidate cycle (RC), we'd only be looking at finding bugs, and fixing them. After a period of testing, the RC will be considered "gold" and that's when SnakeoilOS 1.0.0 (Golden Ears) will officially go live.

For people who don't have activation codes yet, they still can be had for free in the RC phase. Shoot me a PM if you don't have one. Do it now as once 1.0.0 is released the only way to get the activation code is by a small token donation.

Folks already on 0.8.x, please refer to this firmware thread to update your installation to release candidate.

Folks who are on 0.1.x, you can download this ISO, test out it's features on LiveCD mode, and if you like, install it on your main rig. All the big bugs should be resolved, and this 0.9.x series should be good for day to day use now.

For a list of things new since 0.1.5, refer to the 1.0.0 Changelog.

Refer to this ticket for fixes since beta (0.8.x).

Refer to this ticket for issues/fixes in Release Candidates (0.9.x)

Read these first if you are unfamiliar with SnakeoilOS and its inner workings:
DOWNLOAD As always - enjoy music, enjoy SnakeoilOS.
Follow The Music, Follow Snakeoil.
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