• ISO: Installing Snakeoil

    So you have tried Snakeoil in Live CD mode and now you decide to install it. Thank you! There are two ways to install Snakeoil onto your computer: remotely (from another computer), or locally (where you need to connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor).… more »
  • ISO: Create Boot Media

    The first step of using Snakeoil is to transfer the downloaded ISO image onto a bootable media. There are two ways to boot the Snakeoil image - via CD/DVD-ROM drive or a USB thumb drive. Try the USB method first as it is faster. But if… more »
  • Quick Start Guide

    This is a quick start guide summarising the steps to download, install and configure Snakeoil OS. more »
  • Why Mini-ITX

    Snakeoil OS is based on Linux - as such it will work with all computers hardware out there. The Snakeoil stock kernel is stripped down to work best for mini-ITX. Why? What is better? That's a rhetorical question that can never be answered because if you… more »
  • Disclaimer

    The MIT License Copyright © 2010-2016 Mitchell Hashimoto Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the “Software”), to deal in the Software without restriction,… more »
  • Music Player Daemon (MPD)

    Introduction Short for Music Player Daemon, MPD is a very lightweight player that can run on the slowest computer you have kept unused in the shed/storeroom. MPD handles both music management and playback and does not require a secondary client to work.… more »
  • Navigating The Web Interface

    Configuring Snakeoil is done primary through the web browser (You will rarely need to login). Most browsers supporting JavaScript would work, but we highly recommend a modern HTML5 browser. The following browsers are recommended, click on the respective… more »
  • Music Players

    Linux uses Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) for music playback. ALSA in tandem with direct audio hardware access give you audio quality that will surpass that of Windows or OS X out of the box. Despite this superiority few are adopting Linux as… more »

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