• Language Translation

    Music transcends time, borders and languages. Unfortunately, very little else exhibits this super power. Snakeoil OS application supports internationalisation, and we need your help to add more languages. The following three languages are currently… more »
  • Native DSD Support

    Native DSD is another way of playing DSD material on your Snakeoil PC. Traditionally, DSD data is wrapped in PCM and sent to the DAC. This method is commonly known as DSD over PCM (DoP). A newer method is to send the raw DSD data directly to… more »
  • HQPlayer

    HQPlayer only works on computers that suppor SSE4.2. This means you cannot run this software on typical Atom boards like the Jetway NF9C. The CPU processing required by HQPlayer far exceeds what Atoms can provide anyway. So if you intend to use HQPlayer… more »
  • NF9C BIOS Setup For USB

    This is a step by step walkthough on how to setup the BIOS for a Jetway NF9C motherboard to make sure it'd work with Snakeoil. more »
  • Different Machines For LMS and Squeezelite

    If you're using Squeezelite with LMS, you can configure SnakeoilOS as a 2 PC setup, where one machine runs only the Logitech Media Server, and the other runs only the Squeezelite client. more »
  • Custom Kernel To Install Snakeoil OS

    The stock kernel included in every ISO only supports a limited range of computer hardware. This is a deliberate choice because the stock kernel will support > 80% of all computers. Supporting everything risk degrading sound quality. All is not lost… more »
  • Quick Start Guide

    This is a quick start guide summarising the steps to download, install and configure Snakeoil OS. more »
  • Snakeoil Activation

    We often hear and read random people on the Internet talk about how Audiophiles are spending tens of thousands on Audiophile Snakeoil. For better or worse you can be part of this "craze". The choice is in your hands - you can pay hundreds of dollars on… more »

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