• Native DSD Support

    Native DSD is another way of playing DSD material on your Snakeoil PC. Traditionally, DSD data is wrapped in PCM and sent to the DAC. This method is commonly known as DSD over PCM (DoP). A newer method is to send the raw DSD data directly to… more »
  • ISO: Installing Snakeoil

    So you have tried Snakeoil in Live CD mode and now you decide to install it. Thank you! There are two ways to install Snakeoil onto your computer: remotely (from another computer), or locally (where you need to connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor).… more »
  • ISO: Live CD

    Wikipedia dedicates an entire page describing what a Live CD is (Link). Have a quick read if you are not familiar what it is. In essence Live CD allows you to try the OS without actually installing it onto your computer. To start Snakeoil as live CD,… more »
  • ISO: Preparing your computer

    You'd need to configure the BIOS of your computer appropriately to ensure Snakeoil to work. This section will describe the options needed to boot up the live media. For this configuration, you'd need to connect a monitor and keyboard to your media… more »
  • ISO: Create Boot Media

    The first step of using Snakeoil is to transfer the downloaded ISO image onto a bootable media. There are two ways to boot the Snakeoil image - via CD/DVD-ROM drive or a USB thumb drive. Try the USB method first as it is faster. But if that fails use… more »
  • Choose The ISO/IMG to Download

    Currently Snakeoil is released in the following flavors: Intel 32 bit  (file name in the format of snakeoil-i686-x.x.x.iso) Intel 64 bit (file name in the format of snakeoil-x86_64-x.x.x.iso) Raspberry Pi 32 bit (filename in the format of… more »
  • Merging Technologies - Ravenna/AES67 Support

    This document is work in progress. Requires Snakeoil Blind Testing 1.1.3 and above. Update your firmware to the latest version. Requires activation to access the WebApp features. But it'd still work in the free edition. Right now this potentially only… more »
  • Snakeoil Activation

    We often hear and read random people on the Internet talk about how Audiophiles are spending tens of thousands on Audiophile Snakeoil. For better or worse you can be part of this "craze". The choice is in your hands - you can pay hundreds of dollars on… more »

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