• Quick Start Guide

    This is a quick start guide summarising the steps to download, install and configure Snakeoil OS.

    Before We Start

    Here are some things you need know before hand:

    • Snakeoil is designed, tested and run on Atom based Mini-ITX motherboards. Other configurations will work but is not tested thoroughly.
    • Only the most popular on-board network cards are supported out of the box. Please refer to this section to install a custom install kernel if your network card is not in this list:
      • Broadcom Tigon3
      • Intel E1000E/E1000
      • Realtek 8169
      • Atheros AR815x/AR816x/AR817x
    • Your computer needs to be acquire an IP address from your router (or DHCP server) during the first installation. After Snakeoil OS is installed you can assign a static IP address.

    Installation Steps

    Follow these steps to install:

    1. Download the latest ISO:

      File  Download this if
       snakeoil-i686-1.0.0.iso You are using a computer that only executes 32 bit code
       snakeoil-x86_64-1.0.0.iso Everybody else
    2. Create the LiveCD (Read this if you havn't done this before)
    3. Connect the machine you want to install on a Network. Turn it on.
    4. If doing remote install - identify the IP address of the computer (or you can try the computer snakeoil) and remotely connect using VNC (Password is Password1)
    5. Follow the Ubiquity install wizard to install the OS onto a local storage, remove LiveCD and click the reboot button.
    6. Start a web browser from your computer and connect to the machine (http://new_machine_name_you_provided_earlier/)
    7. Go through all the tabs from left to right to configure Snakeoil
    8. Copy your files to new_machine_name_you_provided_earlier/music and your playlist to new_machine_name_you_provided_earlier/playlists
    9. Start your player remote control app
    10. Scan your music library
    11. Hit play

    Video Walk-through

    Here's a video walk-through of the installation process.

  • Language Translation

    This is outdated. Will be revised soon.

    Snakeoil is now multi-lingual. The following languages are available:

    • English (UK)
    • 中文 (简体)
    • 中文 (繁體)

    And the Snakeoil Squad needs your help to expand the above list! Please follow this simple documentation to translate Snakeoil to your language of choice. (Please note that language translations only applies to the web interface and not the underlying software players)

    This article assumes you are using the English language as you edit/create your translations. Please use the equivalent text if your Snakeoil system is set to another language.

    Full story »

  • Native DSD Support

    Native DSD Support

    Native DSD is another way of playing DSD material on your Snakeoil PC. Traditionally, DSD data is wrapped in PCM and sent to the DAC. This method is commonly known as DSD over PCM (DoP).

    A newer method is to send the raw DSD data directly to your DAC. This is called native DSD, and is only supported by some DACs.

    How To Enable Native DSD Kernel

    Download the native kernel from this thread - Native DSD: linux-4.4.9-rt17, install the kernel and reboot your Snakeoil PC.

    For MPD and Squeezelite, set your streaming mode to "PCM (Pulse Mode Modulation", and away you go!

    Supported Native DSD DACs

    DAC Comments Confirmed
    Aune X1S 32BIT/384 DSD DAC All Snakeoil kernels with USB audio  
    Denon All Snakeoil kernels with USB audio
    DIYINHK DSD DXD 384kHz USB to I2S/DSD All Snakeoil kernels with USB audio  
    iFi Audio micro/nano iDSD All Snakeoil kernels with USB audio  
    Gustard DAC-X20U All Snakeoil kernels with USB audio  
    JLsounds I2SoverUSB All Snakeoil kernels with USB audio  
    Makua Molamola Snakeoil DSD kernel > 20180318  
    Marantz All Snakeoil kernels with USB audio  
    Matrix Audio X-Sabre All Snakeoil kernels with USB audio  
    Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro All Snakeoil kernels with USB audio  
    OPPO HA-1 All Snakeoil kernels with USB audio  
    OPPO Sonica Snakeoil DSD kernel > 20180619  
    Playback Designs DAC All Snakeoil kernels with USB audio  
    PS Audio NuWave DAC All Snakeoil kernels with USB audio  
    xDuoo XD-05 Snakeoil DSD kernel > 20180318  

    Add Your Native DAC To Snakeoil OS

    If your native DAC is not in the list above, generate a diagnostic file and send it to the Snakeoil Squad for us to evaluate (Email the file to snakeoil.os'@'gmail.com).

  • NF9C BIOS Setup For USB

    This is a step by step walkthough on how to setup the BIOS for a Jetway NF9C motherboard to make sure it'd work with Snakeoil.

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  • Recover From A Failed Custom Kernel

    So you tried your hand in building your own custom kernel and it fails. Fret not as it is extremely easy to get it back to a working state. You just need to connect your keyboard and monitor back and change the boot sequence manually.

    Full story »

  • Ubiquity Partitioning

    A disk partition in simple terms means a "slice" of your HDD/SSD. Partitioning allow you to split up your SSD  into multiple sections. For more information about partitions, refer to this excellent wikipedia article.

    Ubiquity Partitioning

    This section will describe how to partition your main OS media from within Ubiquity installer.Partitioning is a process that will remove all the files on the areas you're working on. Please make sure all the information data are already copied to a safe location (i.e. backed up) before you continue with partitioning. 

    Full story »

  • Persistent USB

    To be expanded.

    Uploading kernel wouldn't work when you are using persistent USB.


  • Different Machines For LMS and Squeezelite

    If you're using Squeezelite with LMS, you can configure SnakeoilOS as a 2 PC setup, where one machine runs only the Logitech Media Server, and the other runs only the Squeezelite client.

    The are at least two advantages of using this setup:

    • Ability to create multiple "zones" (one Squeezelite client being one zone)
    • Splitting LMS and Squeezelite into two machines may yield a sound quality improvement

    For this configuration please ensure you have activated ALL your SnakeoilOS machines. Enter your activation code for all your machines - you do not need unique activation codes for different machines.

    The following picture is the player setting you should set for your Server machine. This is the machine where you run Logitech Media Server. This is also the machine where all your music files are store. This machine will stream music to all your clients.

    Different Machines For LMS and Squeezelite

    The following is the player setting for your client machine(s). 

    Different Machines For LMS and Squeezelite

  • Build Your Own Custom Kernel

    This is a good guide to build a RT based kernel: Linky

    To be expanded.

  • Custom Kernel To Install Snakeoil OS

    The stock kernel included in every ISO only supports a limited range of computer hardware. This is a deliberate choice because the stock kernel will support > 80% of all computers. Supporting everything risk degrading sound quality. All is not lost if the stock ISO image don't work for your computer hardware. You can re-author (modify) the ISO with a kernel tailored to your machine. This chapter describes the process.

    How To Modify USB

    1. Download the ISO, and build it to a USB stick. Follow these instructions.
    2. Go to the forums and download your required custom install kernel. These files have the following naming convention:

      install-__.zip (where on the build)

    3. Extract the downloaded file to get vmlinuz, like so:
      Custom Kernel To Install Snakeoil OS
    4. Your USB stick should have the following file structure (note this is for version 1.0.0 and future versions may look slightly different):
      Custom Kernel To Install Snakeoil OS
    5. Go into the folder casper (again this is for version 1.0.0 and future versions may look different):
      Custom Kernel To Install Snakeoil OS
    6. Rename the file vmlinuz to vmlinuz.backup:
      Custom Kernel To Install Snakeoil OS
    7. Copy the file from step 3 into here, like so:
      Custom Kernel To Install Snakeoil OS
    8. Safely eject the USB. And you're done. 
    9. Now reboot the computer with this USB stick and you're now using a custom kernel specially tailored to your computer

    How To Modify ISO

    If you are installing Snakeoil OS using CD/DVD, you need to re-author the ISO and then write the modified ISO image to CD/DVD. You'd need a ISO re-authoring tool for this. You can follow this tutorial.

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